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Do you want to start practicing triathlon and do not know how to train?

Follow this plan that we recommend and in 12 weeks you can face your first triathlon!


Cycling segment, Running segment, Swimming segment, Triathlon



A fundamental aspect in the life of every athlete is the periodization of their training.

In this publication we tell you all the secrets about periodization!!


Swimming segment

Differences between swimming in open water and in the swimming pool


Hi there! Today we are going to tell us the main differences about swimming in the swimming pool and in open water.

Also, you will find some tips that will surely make you better!

Differences between swimming in triathlon and in swimming pool

Click the link and you will see the document 馃檪 We have written them in english and in spanish too!

We hope that you find this document useful!

隆Hola a todos! Hoy vamos a contaros las diferencias principales entre la nataci贸n en aguas abiertas y la nataci贸n en piscina.

Adem谩s, encontrar谩s algunos consejos que seguro te har谩n mejorar.

Diferencias entre la nataci贸n en triatl贸n y en piscina

Haz click en el enlace adjunto y ver谩s el documento que hemos preparado聽馃檪 隆Recuerda que ahora escribimos los post tanto en castellano como en ingl茅s!

隆Esperamos que te sea 煤til!

Swimming segment

Tips to eliminate the fear of swimming in open water

4238115423_42252dcfd7_z.jpgSome people feel insecure when they face the open water swimming segment. In this publication we will give some tips to eliminate them.

In the link attached below we talk about the most common concrete fears and we will try to design strategies to overthrow them.

Tips to avoid the fear of swimming in open water

So, are聽you afraid to swim in open water?

If we act like a team, we will be able to eliminate all of them!

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