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Do you want to start practicing triathlon and do not know how to train?

Follow this plan that we recommend and in 12 weeks you can face your first triathlon!


Cycling segment, Running segment, Swimming segment, Triathlon



A fundamental aspect in the life of every athlete is the periodization of their training.

In this publication we tell you all the secrets about periodization!!


Cycling segment, Nutrition in Triathlon, Running segment, Swimming segment, Triathlon

Do I need a Coach?

It is difficult to make the decision to start in the sport or to try to reach a long term goal in a competition.

Personal_trainer_showing_a_client_how_to_exercise_the_right_way_and_educating_them_along_the_way.jpgNow, if you have already raised it, you are closer to getting it. Once ready to carry out activities that help us to improve our quality of life, we must know that a trainer or physical trainer is the key to our efforts to achieve.

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The VAM test by Conconi


Hello everyone!

Today we bring you an example of a test to measure the aerobic condition: the VAM test of Conconi, with which we can obtain the Maximum Heart Rate, the Maximum Oxygen Consumption and the Anaerobic Threshold.

In the next link, you can find all the info about this test: VAM test by Conconi

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¡Hola a todos!

Hoy os traemos un ejemplo de test para medir la condición aeróbica: el test VAM de Conconi, con el que podremos obtener la Frecuencia Cardíaca Máxima, el Consumo de Oxígeno Máximo y el Umbral Anaeróbico.

En el siguiente enlace, podéis encontrar toda la información sobre éste test: Test VAM de Conconi

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