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How to adjust a rear bicycle change?

A question that we have asked many times and that we have rarely implemented.

Last week we left you a video that helped you know how to repair a puncture, something much more basic than adjusting the change.


We hope that the explanations of these professionals can help you in times of emergency.


A greeting and patience!

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Do I need a Coach?

It is difficult to make the decision to start in the sport or to try to reach a long term goal in a competition.

Personal_trainer_showing_a_client_how_to_exercise_the_right_way_and_educating_them_along_the_way.jpgNow, if you have already raised it, you are closer to getting it. Once ready to carry out activities that help us to improve our quality of life, we must know that a trainer or physical trainer is the key to our efforts to achieve.

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Let’s do it!

By ignorance or comfort, we do not usually fix the punctures of our bicycle, especially if we are not constant cyclists. We prefer to take our machine to the shop and pay for it.


Today we want to help you save money, teaching us how to fix the punctures of our bike.


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The dark past of cycling

David Millar, a professional cyclist for many years, has long reckoned one of the most chilling stories about cycling and its relationship to doping.


Today we want to leave your story, a story of success, cheating and overcoming.

We hope you like it and as always leave your comments in the publications.

El pasado oscuro del ciclismo
David Millar, ciclista profesional durante muchos años, contó hace tiempo una de las historias más escalofriantes que se conocen del ciclismo y su relación con el dopaje.

Hoy queremos dejaros su historia, una historia de éxito, trampas y superación.

Esperamos que os guste y como siempre que dejéis vuestros comentarios en las publicaciones.

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Why is biomechanical study important?

There are times when we wonder if it serves us and what is a biomechanical serves. Today we want to explain briefly the reasons why they are advised to do them and we leave a video that we made some time ago in which the adjustment process is explained through Retül technology.


An adequate biomechanical study is important for the prevention of injuries and to maximize pedaling efficiency. An optimum position on the bike will provide us with more comfort and enjoyment in our cycling sessions. All bodies are different and the position of each cyclist on the bike must take into account their peculiarities.

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Prevention of injuries in triathlon

We spend many hours to train, not so many to feed well and much less to recover and rest to be 100% next day. We should try to balance this, what do you think?


In this publication, we want to give you some recommendations to prevent injuries and teach you the importance of recovery and prevention in training and competition.

Prevención de lesiones en traitlón

Dedicamos muchas horas a entrenar, no tantas a alimentarnos bien y muchas menos a recuperar y descansar para estar al día siguiente al 100%. Deberíamos de intentar equilibrar esto, ¿no crees’

En esta publicación, queremos daros algunas recomendaciones para prevenir lesiones y enseñaros la importancia que tiene la recuperación y la prevención en el entrenamiento y en la competición.